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AP5101 SO-8 VIN=4.75 to 22V 1.5A Vout=0.81V to 15V
AP1507 c,d,g,h,k,n TO252-5L 24V(Max) 3A 150KHz
AP1509 c,d,g,h,k,n SOP8 24V(Max) 2A 150KHz
AP8802 SOP-8L, SOP-8L-EP,DFN3030-10 48V 1A 500kHz
AP8801 SOP-8L, MSOP-8L 48V(Max) 500mA
AP1534 SOP-8L 4.2V-18V 2A 300KHZ
AP34063 c,e,g SOP8,DIP8 3V~40V 1.5a 100KHz
AP2001 a,d,e,g,l,n PDIP16,DIP8 3.6V to 40V 20mA 500KHz
AP2014 b,f,l,n SOP8 14V(Max) 1A 200/400KHz
AP1609 c,d SOP8,TSSOP8 2.5V to 6V 2.4A 300KHz
AP1501 c,d,g,h,k,n TO263-5,TO220-5/TO220-5(R) 45V(Max) 3A 150KHz
AP1501A c,d,g,h,k,n TO263-5,TO220-5/TO220-5(R) 45V(Max) 5A 150KHz
AP1506 c,d,g,h,k,n TO263-5L,TO220-5L,TO220-5L(R)/PDIP8 24V(Max) 3A 150KHz
AP1510 b,c,d,g,h,k,l,n SOP8 23V(Max) 3A 300KHz
AP1511 b,c,d,g,h,k,l,n SOP16 23V(Max) 5A 300KHz
AP1512 c,d,g,h,k,n TO263-5,TO220-5/TO220-5(R) 60V(Max 2A 50KHz
AP1512A c,d,g,h,k,n TO263-5,TO220-5/TO220-5(R) 60V(Max) 3A 50KHz
AP1515 c,g,h,k,n SIP-4L 24V(Max) 1.5A 150KHz
AP1516 c,d,g,h,k,n SOP16 24V(Max) 3A/1A 150KHz
AP1518 c,d,g,h,k,n TO263-5L,TO220-5L,TO220-5L(R) 24V(Max) 3A 300KHz
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